AVID: Any-Length Video Inpainting with Diffusion Model

1Rutgers University, 2Meta AI
*Work mostly done during an internship at Meta AI.

CVPR, 2024

TL;DR: AVID is a text-guided video inpainting method
versatile across a spectrum of video durations and tasks.


Recent advances in diffusion models have successfully enabled text-guided image inpainting. While it seems straightforward to extend such editing capability into video domain, there has been fewer works regarding text-guided video inpainting. Given a video, a masked region at its initial frame, and an editing prompt, it requires a model to do infilling at each frame following the editing guidance while keeping the out-of-mask region intact. There are three main challenges in text-guided video inpainting: (i) temporal consistency of the edited video, (ii) supporting different inpainting types at different structural fidelity level, and (iii) dealing with variable video length. To address these challenges, we introduce Any-Length Video Inpainting with Diffusion Model, dubbed as AVID. At its core, our model is equipped with effective motion modules and adjustable structure guidance, for fixed-length video inpainting. Building on top of that, we propose a novel Temporal MultiDiffusion sampling pipeline with an middle-frame attention guidance mechanism, facilitating the generation of videos with any desired duration. Our comprehensive experiments show our model can robustly deal with various inpainting types at different video duration range, with high quality.


In the training phase of our methodology, we employ a two-step approach. (a) Motion modules are integrated after each layer of the primary Text-to-Image (T2I) inpainting model, optimized for the video in-painting task via synthetic masks applied to the video data. (b) During the second training step, we retain the parameters in the UNet, $\epsilon_\theta$, and exclusively train a structure guidance module $\mathbf{s}_\theta$, leveraging a parameter copy from the UNet encoder. During inference, (c), for a video of length $N^\prime$, we construct a series of segments, each comprising $N$ successive frames. Throughout each denoising step, results for every segment are computed and aggregated.

Video Inpainting Results

Hover over the videos to see the original video and text prompts.


A tiger walking near a waterfall
A train traveling over a bridge in the mountains
A man hiking in the snow
A car driving on the road

Object Swap

A MINI Cooper driving down a road.
A Porsche car driving down a road
A can floating in the water
An otter swimming in the water


A white duck swimming in a lake.
A women in glossy leather red coat walking through a greenhouse
A yellow maple leaf.
A woman with blond hair walking through a wheat field.

Content Removal

A wheat field.
A field of purple flowers.

Environment Swap

A woman walking, Egyptian pyramids
A tiger walking on a beach

Any-Length Text-to-Video Generation

A Potential Extension

"A teddy bear walks on the beach."
(80 frames)
"A teddy bear dancing in Times Square"
(256 frames)


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